Here are a set of websites that we think are useful for Puget Sound Winegrowers:

  • WSU Wine and Grape Program
  • WSU Mt. Vernon Ag. Ext. Grape Program
  • Northwest Berry and Grape Information Net (OSU)
          Vit. Nwsltr Aug-02: Managing Crop - an introduction
          Grape Production
  • UC Davis Dept. of Viticulture and Enology
  • Washington Grape Society
  • Western Regional Climate Center
  • Growing Grapes in the Puget Sound (WSU)
  • Wildlife management (U. of Nebraska)
  • Viticulture FAQ (Ed Goist)
  • USDA Hardiness Zone Map (
  • Grape Varieties for Cool Climates (
  • Ohio Grape Web (Ohio State Univ.)
  • IRI/LDEO Climate Data Library (
  • Western Regional Climate Center (Desert Regional Inst.)
  • Grape Pest Management (U.C. Davis)
  • Biocontrol Network
  • Vitis Internation Variety Catalog
  • USDA search
  • UCDavis Degree Day Concepts
  • Aerial photos (
  • WAWGG (WA Assoc. of Wine Grape Growers)
  • Western Regional Climate Center
  • Winery Starter Kit (Ohio Wine Producers)
  • PRISM Rainfall maps
  • UW Atmospheric Department
  • Daily and Interactive Degree Day Maps (
  • Plot Historic Climate data for Washington and Oregon sites
  • Geographic Mapping with census data (Tiger)
  • Geographic mapping with satelite photos and topographical (TerraServer)
  • VAWA Winemaking (acid reduction)

    Last Updated: 19-Aug-02