Members Only area login hints

The PSWG has a members-only area. It contains mostly items that would be of lesser interest to members outside of the organization (like meeting minutes), and some items that we would rather keep private (like our email addresses in order to avoid getting into spammer databases).

If you are a member of the PSWG organization, and would like to get in, but have forgotten the username and/or password, here are some hints to help you remember.

The username is the plural of what you are. (See last sentence before username section). In other words, what the people who attend a meeting of any organization would be called.

The password is the name of a grape commonly grown in the PS AVA. It's name is entered in all lower-case. Poke around on Gerard's, Brent's, and Greg's websites for possibilities. (This description has been left intentionally vague -- if you don't know who these people are, you're not a PSWG member and should not be granted access.

PSWG Members Only area